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A Word from the Director


I'm delighted to share a few words with you. As you may know, it only takes 20 minutes twice a day practicing TM to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, reduce or eradicate PTSD, reduces cortisol, the stress hormone,  reduce resistance to insulin and so much more.  So many of these health improvements are health challenges found at a higher rate with Black people.

Our goal is the teach one million Black people TM. It is resoundingly necessary given not only our health, but our social conditions. When one is functioning from inner peace and well being, how they handle stressful situations will determine staying healthy and in some cases staying alive.


Our focus to deliver the benefits of inner peace and well being to African Americans via TM has been a long journey of love starting in 1969 with an organization named TMC (Transcendental Meditation Centers, Inc.). They embarked on having TM Centers in urban communities. That worked parlayed into over 50,000 people of color, mostly African Americans learning TM.

We have now reconfigured this work into Breathe Again with TM. It is an initiative under the Maharishi Foundation USA to bring TM to Black Americans as an answer to supporting Black lives and Black families, especially in this time of social and racial reckoning. We are currently in Los Angeles County with plans to expand to other cities and states.

We ask that you join us in sharing our website with others so they can learn about our work and either learn TM, donate so others can learn, or both. 

We look forward to hearing from you. Send us a message or question,, so we can engage and  further this important work.

Kind regards,

Sibongile Bradley West


Breathe Again  with TM

Certified TM Teacher

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