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Help Reduce Anxiety, Heal Traumatic Stress, and Foster Peace of Mind.








Support for our Breathe Again with TM initiative to teach TM to Black Americans is being supported by the Maharishi Foundation USA. Your donations are critical to the success of this initiative for the chance to teach as many Black Americans as possible.


  • Your donation will be used for the Transcendental Meditation Course Fee.

  • The course fee covers the cost of teaching, administration, and life-long meditation services.

  • The course fee for the Breathe Again - TM initiative is $420 the lowest tiered cost offered. Those who have a financial hardship will receive partial or full scholarships.

  • Donations make these scholarships possible.


We are deeply appreciative of any amount you can contribute to cover the cost of instruction, whether you help to instruct one individual,  ten, or hundreds of people.


Every amount donated will make a huge difference in our ability to offer stress-reducing TM.


Breathe Again-TM is an initiative under the umbrella of the National TM organization, Maharishi Foundation USA (MFUSA).  The MFUSA is registered as a 501 © (3) non-profit organization. Contributions to the MFUSA may be tax-deductible. Please check with your financial advisor.


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 We extend our heartfelt appreciation for your support.

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During this Season of Giving, we are so thankful for your contribution to help bring TM  to those who may need a bit of assistance with our  already reduced rates, so they can learn this technique of inner peace.